Sep 3, 2010

Native Apps are now deprecated

My first impression of the chrome web app store was that it is just an apple'ified bookmarking of websites. And so it is as it seems. But looking deeper and at the ecosystem that is developing around it, I think this is a fundamental shift of how we will see computers and applications in the future.

So what is there in the eco system around that has been interesting me -

  1. Google accelerating the development of browser tremendously. Browsers apps now are faster than native apps few year back.
  2. The chrome OS which basically is an OS browser. Thus all web apps will run just like native apps.
  3. Apple proved the that the model of desktop application still pays.
  4. With installed web apps pre-approved to access native resources such as geo-location, database, (may be even filesystem) etc., they will be as powerful as any native app can be.

Thus we may see a future where there are no native apps. Since all web apps are as good, rather better, than native apps.

I think this is big, since the whole process of how applications are developed, served, billed will change for good and web apps will be de-facto. I think google is leading this future in a big way. And apple is following right behind, but cautiously.