Apr 19, 2014

Thought exercise on Infinite Universe

Space has always interested me and for the longest time I have followed news related to NASA and lately SpaceX. I read all these articles around the search for alien life, I look up in the sky and ponder about the vastness of this Universe. There are estimates about how many stars there are in the Universe and it makes me think, so what is outside of that cluster of stars! When someone spots a star hundreds or thousands of light years away and predicts seeing a planet which may possibly have life on that, I wonder how in the world would these two worlds connect, say if they do exist.

Time is one another interesting topic to think about. We all have heard about these quotes on how time is relative based on where we are and seemingly there is some truth to it. Perhaps one second really can be like a year in appropriate circumstances. If a human can actually be instantly frozen and restored a 100 years from now as we have seen in Star Wars, in a way that person truly has traveled through time. This forth dimension as we call it can be felt, thought about, may be understood a bit.

Thinking about dimension is another subject where our thoughts can go wild. And this exercise is mainly about one such dimension which is the 3rd dimension. In our search for alien life, we search in our own dimension, we visualize aliens whose size and shape is in O(humans). But when we say the universe is infinite, what does that infinity mean for the universe and if we can fathom the vastness of that infinity. We live in a world that ranges from atoms to billions of miles out there in space. But is that range of 10-10 to 1010 so vast for the universe. What if the range of infinity of the universe is 10-10,000 to 1010,000? The dimension range that we live in then is much smaller compared to the infinity of the universe.

And that makes me think if we even understand the 3rd dimension fully. Because perhaps there is life on one of the atoms floating around in my room right now and perhaps our solar system is an atom floating around in the room of some other life form. How do we know that that dimension does not exist? And what is life if so?

So when we study these atoms or try to understand our universe, how deep can we go in this 3rd dimension? Can we go deep enough to an extent that makes a difference in the infinity of the Universe? Can we reach a point, where understanding the atoms and understanding our universe is one and the same thing? If so, can we ever travel in that dimension and meet our alien neighbors?

PS: I understand, it is kinda crazy to think this way and that's why this is just a thought exercise. I decided to write it out since these thoughts have remained with me for quite a while now.